The Little Light Foundation Grants $100,000 to Parenting Moms

We are thankful for the Little Light Foundation, who recently granted $100,000 to our Options for Recovery Residential Treatment program. This unique program helps parenting women who are suffering from addiction deliver healthy drug free babies and provide a loving, nurturing and drug free environment for their older children..

Amanda knew she needed a comprehensive residential program after relapsing from 3 years of sobriety. VOA’s unique program allows mothers to enter treatment with their young children. After 2 weeks of working the program, Amanda was reunited with her 2 year old daughter, Ava. The parenting classes, anger management, and relapse prevention is helping her build the foundation she needs to provide a healthy loving environment for Ava. After only a few weeks in the program, Amanda says she is gaining the tools she needs to change her life forever.

This generous grant from the Little Light Foundation will allow many more mothers like Amanda to heal from the traumas that led to their addiction and learn how to provide the environment their children need to thrive. Thank you, Little Light Foundation, for believing in these ladies and offering them hope!

The women at VOA express their gratitude to the Little Light Foundation with this short video.