The Story of AARON - Emergency Warming Center

I was a U.S. Navy veteran who found himself alone and addicted to drugs. Now I've committed to a clean and sober life.

Thanks to the compassion and dedication of people like you, we are able to help individuals who have fallen on hard times.

Aaron is a 49-year-old U.S. Navy veteran. Aaron served in the Persian Gulf and did two tours in Iraq. After his final tour of duty – which included two years working onboard an aircraft carrier – Aaron found himself homeless, addicted to drugs, and living on the banks of the Sacramento River. “This was not the life I had dreamed of, I had so many plans for myself, but when I came back from war I felt so confused and like I didn’t belong anywhere. So I turned to drugs and things that made me feel good.”

After dealing with homelessness and addiction for a while, Aaron finally decided to seek out a rehab facility and turn his life around. Through the Sacramento Warming Center, Aaron was introduced to Volunteers of America where he found acceptance and a helping hand. “Volunteers of America saved my life and I am committed to staying clean and sober.”

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