The Story of DAVID - Senior Safe House

Sometimes even Santa, aka David, needs help.

For the last 8 years David and his wife drove from their Georgia home to the Sacramento area to be “Santa” for a large regional mall. But over this past holiday season, his wife suffered a terrible accident. David’s need to be by his wife during her long hospital stay led to the loss of his job and the seasonal housing provided by his employer. David was soon homeless with nowhere to go. To make matters worse his car needed urgent repairs that used up his saving.

A referral to our VOA Senior Safe House helped him get back on his feet by providing the stability and safety he needed. David was able to have meals and a room in a home-like environment while being by his wife while she recovered. Both are now doing well and are back home in Georgia, ready to spread happiness once again.

**To protect the privacy of the people we serve, some photos used in our stories are representative, rather than actual depictions, of the individual(s) described.