Greg: From Homeless Veteran to Homeowner

You gave Greg a stable life

Greg Waldron, who served in the Army, didn’t have the easiest transition upon returning home. Married with two children, the family found themselves homeless and living in their truck. Greg sought out help from Volunteers of America Veteran Services, and staff quickly identified his skill set in signal operations. VOA Veteran Services contacted BT Collins Army Reserve Center about an open position, and successfully helped Greg land an interim teaching job at the Army Reserve’s Signal School.

“VOA’s services and commitment to helping veterans was indispensable to me,” says Greg Waldron. “Not only did they help me find employment, but housing as well. A month after seeking help I was hired at the Army Reserves as a civilian instructor, and less than one year after that my wife and I became homeowners.”

VOA Veteran Services, an advocate for veterans and their families, are committed to providing services that will help empower veterans and set them up for success. As Julie Baumgartner, Program Director of VOA Veteran Services says, “While veterans are away ensuring our freedom, they don’t have the opportunity to set the foundation to build a network for employment and their future upon return. This is why we are committed to helping them build their network with the right tools and resources so that they can start their future in the civilian world.”

“Veterans possess skills and talents that are absolutely an asset in businesses,” continued Baumgartner. "While not every veteran has a degree, all have the experience that goes beyond what can be learned in a classroom. Greg is an outstanding example of how our services at VOA can make a positive impact on our veterans. At VOA, we aim to give homeless veterans and their families the tools to overcome their barriers to housing and employment, attain and maintain stable housing, find and keep sufficiency-level employment, and gain access to resources that will help them live positive, independent lives.”