The Story of HEATHER - Transitional Housing for Former Foster Youth

I now know what it feels like to truly be cared for.

As a former foster child since the age of 14, Heather bounced from one home to another without any sense of structure or stability. With the abuse she experienced as a child, Heather developed abandonment issues which lead her to several destructive relationships. By the time she outgrew the foster care system, Heather began living with her then boyfriend, experiencing emotional and physical abuse on a daily basis. Finally finding the courage to leave, Heather found herself living in her car with no job prospects or hope for the future.

Desperate for help, Heather connected with Volunteers of America’s Former Foster Youth Program where she finally found stability and the family she always hoped for. There, Heather was able to deal with her abandonment issues and learn the skills she needed in order to gain fulltime employment.

“I have never felt like I belonged anywhere until coming to Volunteers of America. Because of them, I now know what it feels like to truly be cared for.”

**To protect the privacy of the people we serve, some photos used in our stories are representative, rather than actual depictions, of the individual(s) described.