The Village on Sage Street Bridges the Gap for Reno’s Low Income Neighbors

For many individuals, living on a fixed income is tremendously challenging. Having affordable housing means there is money left over for other necessitates like food, transportation, and health care.

For 216 individuals, The Village is doing just that. Opening just one year ago, The Village is now nearing 100% occupancy. This unique coed “dorm-style" complex is a perfect fit for many trying to survive on minimum wage, limited social security, or disability. People like Cynthia.

Cynthia came to the Village last year. Being a disabled senior trying to survive on a very low fixed-income. Cynthia tells us “if I had not found The Village, I would be spending what money I have on a weekly motel. I am very thankful that I have someplace that is affordable, safe, and always very clean. It’s hard out there, people are very appreciative to be here.” Cynthia is currently on a waiting list for one of VOA’s other affordable housing complexes, Sierra Manor. In the meantime, she is grateful to have a clean, safe environment she can call home.

The Village on Sage Street provides 216 dorm-style units for people living below the poverty line; providing them with not only stable housing, but a setting where they feel safe comfortable and cared for. VOA is also very proud to announce that the Village on Sage Street is a 2020 Kemp Finalist through the Urban Land Institute which honors exemplary developments that ensure housing affordability for people with a range of incomes.

Together we can continue to provide a foundation and stability for those struggling to survive and contribute to the overall wellbeing of the entire community.

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