Vietnam Veteran, John lived on the river for 34 years and is now housed

You have been through some challenging months this year and I want you to know that your friends at VOA are thinking of you and praying for you. You matter and you make a difference in the lives of your neighbors in need.

One of those neighbors is John, a Vietnam War Veteran whose transformation would not be possible without your compassion. After 34 years of living on the river John is thriving! Today, he has a home of his own, he is taking care of his health and he volunteers daily at our shelters. In 2019, John was certified as a Resilience Strength Time Peer to provide support to other veterans as well as unhoused men and women. This program was developed for veterans by Dr. Rita Brock and it focuses on the topic of moral injury.

We thank John for not only serving our country, we thank him for being a hero to the men and women he encourages every day.