VOA’s Senior Residents Receive the Vaccination

Residents of VOA’s Affordable Housing for Seniors have reason to celebrate today: they are fully vaccinated!

Although vaccines have been available for our age 65+ residents, many of them did not have the means to go online to schedule appointments. The great case managers at Sierra Manor knew they could not schedule individual appointments for all 200 residents, so they reached out to CVS to see what they could do. Amazingly, the case managers arranged for CVS to set up a clinic in the community room, where residents were able to receive their shots and wait while staff kept an eye on them. We are thankful that our space allowed for proper social distancing, and that all residents were compliant with masks and scheduling. Approximately 100 residents were fully vaccinated!

One of our residents thankfully shared, “I use a power chair and the convenience of not having to go somewhere else to get the shot was so easy. The staff and management did a great job planning and executing the day was great. Great Job!”

We are thankful for our amazing staff who go above and beyond, and the local community partnerships that allow our programs to stay safe for everyone involved.