"When there is too much on your plate...get more plates!"

Studying at a university is challenging enough, with time-consuming, and demanding assignments. However, imagine adding to that the weight of being pregnant, battling with depression and anxiety, and couch-surfing. Unfortunately, this was the reality for Debbie, which led her to drop out of UNR.

"We were on the verge of losing our housing, with all of our belongings packed into the car. I felt so helpless and exhausted," she recalled.

Fortunately, VOA stepped in to change Debbie's life! Debbie and her family found shelter at VOA ReStart, where she received support and resources to regain her confidence. Before long, she was handed the keys to her own apartment, enabling her to reclaim her life. She returned to UNR, pursuing a degree in Speech Pathology, and is now preparing to graduate!

"Juggling school, motherhood, and being the breadwinner at times in my life has been no easy feat. I've had too much on my plate, but when you feel like you have too much on your plate, get more plates," Debbie shared.

Debbie is one of many resilient women who work hard to provide for their families and establish successful careers. 

Do you want to hear Debbie's full story in person? 

She will be speaking at our annual Shelter from the Storm event in Reno May 17th. 

Email Nick Tscheekar to get signed up: ntscheekar@voa-ncnn.org