Xenabelle, Dare to Dream scholarship recipient

I also have more good news! This past month I received my acceptance into nursing school email ( They will send the official letter out in March. Why they do that I do not know.). In whatever case, I am so excited! I was screaming so much out of excitement. Getting that email just reminded me how far I have come along and grown from what I was when I was a kid. It reminded me of the other things I have yet to do! I am so pumped! Thank you guys at for being a part of it! The rest of the scholarship money will help me pay for nursing school, so I can focus more on nursing school and not be so bogged down with work.Other good news I received was that I made it on our college's Fall Semester Dean's List! I was surprised. I did not think I was going to get on there because only the top 10% of my graduating class gets on that list!

I am really excited for these next couple of years! I get to be on my way to accomplishing my dream and I get to do what I love! This is so encouraging because I was told that I would not be able to afford college and go. To be proving that statement wrong, learning about what I love, and discover who I am is liberating.  I just got to keep focusing and trying and do my best! Thank you Foster A Dream for everything!"


Student at Linfield University