You believed in David, and now he pays it forward

When you believe in your neighbors in need and remind them that they are cared for, miracles happen. David was homeless for over a year. In his own words, he was “completely broken,” with thoughts of suicide. He felt alone. With your support, David was given a safe place to live and was surrounded by a loving community. He received the tools he needed to heal from the wounds that were inflicted on his soul. After successfully completing VOA’s program, David knew he wanted to do more and sought employment to support men dealing with the same struggles he faced.

David was hired on with VOA and now he gets to encourage and uplift others facing homelessness. Your belief in him has allowed him to be a beacon of hope for those who need it, and to provide the same support to them that he was given years before. He says, “to be in a position to be here, I wouldn’t change it for the world.” You changed David’s life, and now, he continues to pay it forward to others in our community.