You Gave Lenora and Omar Hope

"I was a young girl with no purpose, no direction."

Lenora had been homeless and alone for most of her life. As a child, Lenora and her siblings lived with their mother until financial hardship caused them to lose their home. As a child, Lenora always felt alone, relying heavily on her older brother for care and guidance. But when Lenora's brother was killed in a random drive-by shooting, the trauma of his death affected her deeply, reinforcing negative thoughts that she somehow deserved this life. Her brother's death led her to turn to alcohol to ease the pain.

Lenora found stability and sobriety when she met her new husband Omar. But three years after their son, Omar Jr. was born, she and her husband separated. Lenora and her son struggled to find stable housing, leading Lenora further into depression and hopelessness.

Lenora says everything changed when she found Volunteers of America (VOA). Here, Lenora and her son found shelter while Lenora worked toward a new life. VOA staff helped Lenora track down her birth certificate, helped her with online job applications, and connected her to housing. With help from people like you, Lenora is now reunited with her husband, has a full-time job, her own home, and for the first time is "filled with hope."

“I was provided not only the tools to rebuild my life, but you also gave me caring support and love to help guide me to the life we were meant to live. Thank you.”