You gave Susan hope and courage

Justin is five years old and tonight he and his brother Bryan have a warm bed to sleep in. A bed can be a small thing, but to them it is a miracle. This story has your handprints all over it, because you cared enough to help Justin, Bryan and their family find a home.

Susan and Shane’s lives were upended when they found out their apartment complex was closing. “Who will help a family of six find shelter and housing,” Susan wondered as she looked at her four children. Susan and Shane knew their children (Alicia, Justin, Bryan and Gabriel) relied on them, and they couldn’t let them down.

Filled with a sense of terror, Susan reached out for help. It was all she could do to protect her family. Because of you, there was help and hope for the family.

Tonight, all four children are sleeping soundly. Their parents, Susan and Shane are focused on the wellbeing of their family. In a matter of months they have saved enough money to find their own apartment. You’ve given them a safe space to rebuild their lives and the children can learn and play without fear of being homeless.

“We’re working to do better for ourselves and our kids. Thank you for the safe place to get back on track!”

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