You put a smile on Tony’s face

“For the first time in my life, I’m actually happy.”

See that smile? It’s all because of you!

Tony Garnett lived all over the West Coast, struggling with disability and not able to find an affordable place to live. Each of his living situations seemed to be more temporary than the last. He never really felt like he had a home.

Now, he says, “This is my last stop--I am home.”

Tony found happiness through our affordable housing community for seniors. Rather than renting a single room, Tony now has a whole apartment, complete with a bathroom and kitchen that meet his needs.

He no longer has to struggle to get in and out of bed or to take a shower. Now, he is comfortable in his new home.

Because of you, Tony is proud of where he is at. He says that he is learning to smile for the first time in his life. He has everything he needs to be happy.

Because of you, Tony never has to worry about where he will sleep. Because of you, for the first time, Tony is finally home. Thank you!