You Saved My Life... Twice. Thank You!


After he left the military, Darryl got by with hustling, dealing drugs and random jobs, until things fell apart and his addiction became all-consuming. He found himself without a place to go, living on the streets for 3 years straight. He never wanted to go into any shelters… until with your support he found a shoulder to lean on.

Darryl knew he couldn’t continue living the way he was. He says, “I knew I could either go to VOA or I would die.” With encouragement, he gained the strength to ask for help, and at 60 days clean, he moved into VOA’s transitional housing.

While he was there, he received the support he needed: anger management courses, job training, recovery classes, and more. Darryl found a great job that he loved, moved into his own place, and was doing well.

Unfortunately, a back injury left him unable to continue working, and after losing his baby granddaughter, Darryl became depressed. For the first time in years, he had cravings and was tempted to start using again. But thanks to your commitment to our programs, he received a second chance.

Just when he needed it the most, Darryl was offered a job at VOA, enabling him to help veterans like himself transition from homelessness to independence with dignity. Today, Darryl is 16 years clean and thanks to you he is fulfilling his purpose of helping others. Thank you for investing in veterans like Darryl–your kindness is being multiplied each and every day!