“VOA has my back!”

Yuliana and her daughter are safe.


Anxiety can be a debilitating condition, often stemming from childhood adversity or family abuse. Yuliana and her 13-year-old daughter were excited to start a new life when they moved in with Yuliana's boyfriend, but they soon discovered the effects of his addiction on their mental health. Despite her efforts to support her boyfriend and protect her daughter, they eventually had to leave their home. Yuliana was overwhelmed with anxiety and didn't know where to turn, but she was able to connect with someone from CalWorks who directed her to a VOA family shelter.

"We didn't want to become homeless," Yuliana says. "I'm so grateful that we found a welcoming place where we could stay together." The VOA staff works hard to create a non-judgmental environment for those in need, and Yuliana now has access to valuable resources such as financial classes, parenting classes, and mental health services. She is working hard to build a better future for herself and her daughter.