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  • Giving Back to the Community at Every Age

    Adith and Ryan were just 15 years old when they learned about Operation Backpack. They immediately knew they wanted to help, so they formed a club at their high school, recruiting other students to collect school supplies for their peers who needed them.

  • “The people here just want to help.”

    Maria and her three teenage children were living in their van for two years. She worked every day, fighting for a chance to better her and her children’s lives. Most of the time, they stayed by the river, but eventually Maria lost her job.

  • Providing a Sense of Home

    Today, the families at Roseville Home Start have a reason to celebrate: a new community kitchen.

  • From VOA Client to the Board Chair: Meet Nick

    19 years after graduating from Volunteers of America’s housing and employment program, Nick Himphill is beginning his term as the Chairman of VOA’s Board of Directors.

  • From Unemployment to Management: Meet Leila and Lee

    Leila felt like she had hit rock bottom. After fleeing from domestic violence and moving across the country, she knew she had to prioritize finding work. She went to the county office and was referred to VOA’s Employment Program. A week later, she was hired.

  • The Nevada Cares Campus is now open!

    This campus will shelter men, women, and pets with the focus on stabilizing, building relationships, and creating plans that will guide those ready into their next step of housing.

  • Lives are Transformed: Meet Kendra

    Kendra never really had a chance at a normal life. After finding her father killed at age 12, she started to hear voices. It started small--just a faint voice here and there.

  • Because of You, Jacquie is Thriving

    Like you and I, Jacquie was living a regular life. She says she was a typical soccer mom, but unfortunately, a car accident left her with chronic pain and depression. She became addicted to prescription pain medication. That addiction eventually led to harder drugs, mental illness, paranoia, and eventually, homelessness.

  • Jeff Never Felt Like He Had a Chance at a Normal Life

    Jeff never felt like he had a chance at a normal life. His abusive and alcoholic father did not teach him how to act. He felt threatened, and the one thing Jeff learned to do was fight back.

  • 72-Years Old and Sleeping in a Storage Unit

    At 72 years old, Keiko found herself without a place to go. She was sleeping in her storage unit after she lost her housing due to the pandemic.