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  • Wishing the Best to Pat Cashell!

    After almost 10 years of serving as the Regional Director for VOA Northern Nevada, Pat Cashell is moving toward his next great adventure.

  • “I found safety for me and my daughter”

    At 8 months pregnant, Aashakiya found herself with nowhere to go. She had bounced around from place to place, living in hotels and shelters without any stability. Her retail job was not enough to pay the bills, and she was unable to afford a place of her own.

  • Celebrating 126 Years of Impact!

    March 8 marks our Founder’s Day, and this year, VOA celebrates its 126th year of making a difference!

  • A New Home for Morgan

    Morgan was living on the river when his camp was cleaned up and he was asked to move. He knew that he had a new opportunity to find a better solution, and he was welcomed into the Nevada Cares Campus.

  • Creating Lasting Change through Reno Works

    Reno Works is back! After taking a brief hiatus due to the pandemic, 8 participants have begun their journeys of finding independence once again.

  • A Bright Smile and a New Start for Michelle

    After she lost her housing due to increased rent prices, Michelle and her 3 teenage children had nowhere to go. For months they lived in hotels, all 5 of them squeezing into a single room.

  • You Gave Wendy a Home for the Holidays

    Wendy escaped an abusive marriage and found herself without a home, you made a way where there seemed to be no way.

  • You Saved My Life... Twice. Thank You!

    After he left the military, Darryl got by with hustling, dealing drugs and random jobs, until things fell apart and his addiction became all-consuming.

  • Better Together: Spreading Holiday Cheer

    The holidays are an exciting time for us here at VOA, because it is when the community comes together the most to share love and joy with all their neighbors.

  • We Couldn’t Do It Without You

    As we close out this year, I wanted to take this opportunity to simply say thank you.