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  • You Saved My Life... Twice. Thank You!

    After he left the military, Darryl got by with hustling, dealing drugs and random jobs, until things fell apart and his addiction became all-consuming.

  • Better Together: Spreading Holiday Cheer

    The holidays are an exciting time for us here at VOA, because it is when the community comes together the most to share love and joy with all their neighbors.

  • We Couldn’t Do It Without You

    As we close out this year, I wanted to take this opportunity to simply say thank you.

  • Better Together: Christmas Joys and Children’s Toys

    We are thankful for our partners at Les Schwab and CBS13 for their leadership once again in the annual Toy Drive!

  • Healing the Whole Person: ReStart

    According to the CDC, the percentage of adults in the United States who experienced symptoms of depression or anxiety was around 41.5% in February of 2021. That number is likely even higher for those who have also experienced homelessness. At VOA, we know that recovery depends on treating the whole person, especially the mind.

  • “Once I moved in, it was a total joy.”

    Roberta spent most of her life living in a small town with her husband. She raised children, had a full career, and established a loving home. After her children were grown and her husband passed away, though, she found herself alone in her home and feeling isolated.

  • Partnership in Action: Amplifying Impact

    At VOA, we know that partnership only maximizes the impact that will be made on our community. We partner with government agencies, corporations, foundations, faith groups, and individuals to provide items and services that make our clients feel cared for and respected.

  • "I am just trying to move forward and make positive steps."

    It is difficult for many of us to imagine that a veteran would ever struggle with homelessness. Unfortunately, it is a story that happens all too often.

  • You are feeding hearts with love and bodies with nutritious meals.

    During this season of giving, gathering, and gratitude, we want to remind you of the impact you have on your neighbors in need. Your support allows us to deliver an average of 1,600 meals a day.

  • Healing the Whole Person

    Raymond’s life was unraveling. He was living on the streets, deep into addiction, and couldn’t see a way out. His friend was in VOA’s Open Arms, a program for those struggling with HIV/AIDS diagnoses, and reached out to Raymond. There was a spot open for him, and he decided to enter the program.