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  • You are feeding hearts with love and bodies with nutritious meals.

    During this season of giving, gathering, and gratitude, we want to remind you of the impact you have on your neighbors in need. Your support allows us to deliver an average of 1,600 meals a day.

  • Healing the Whole Person

    Raymond’s life was unraveling. He was living on the streets, deep into addiction, and couldn’t see a way out. His friend was in VOA’s Open Arms, a program for those struggling with HIV/AIDS diagnoses, and reached out to Raymond. There was a spot open for him, and he decided to enter the program.

  • Partnership in Action: Amplifying Impact

    At VOA, we know that partnership only maximizes the impact that will be made on our community. We partner with government agencies, public companies, and private organizations to provide items and services that make our clients feel cared for and respected.

  • Providing Equitable Access at the Resource Center

    Experiencing homelessness comes with more challenges than many of us may realize. Living without a permanent address can make it difficult to get a valid identification, which allows for someone to apply for a job.

  • Addressing Trauma and Moral Injury

    For many, homelessness was brought about by childhood trauma, domestic violence, or not being accepted by society. Almost all of our guests have experienced trauma that resulted in moral injury at one point in their lives.

  • A New Beginning for Ramòn at the Nevada Cares Campus

    After rotating between rehab, hotels, jail, and recovery programs for 6 years, Ramòn was fed up. Then, he got a new start at the Nevada Cares Campus.

  • “If it wasn’t for VOA giving me a place to stay, I definitely wouldn’t be here right now.”

    Anthony could be your neighbor. He and his wife, along with their two children, live in a modest home, drive new cars, and make a decent living for themselves. You would never guess that they were struggling with homelessness just two short years ago.

  • A Message from VOA Board Chair, Nick Himphill

    "When I first walked into the shelter at Volunteers of America 19 years ago, I could have never imagined that I would be here, writing this message to you."

  • Because of you, Akenese is paying it forward

    You have given Akenese and Leutu a new life. Your love and commitment not only break down cycles of poverty, they make it possible for families like Akenese and Leutu to find safety.

  • You put a smile on Tony’s face

    Tony Garnett lived all over the West Coast, struggling with disability and not able to find an affordable place to live. Each of his living situations seemed to be more temporary than the last. He never really felt like he had a home.