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  • Greg: From Homeless Veteran to Homeowner

    You gave Greg a stable life

    ​Greg Waldron, who served in the Army, didn’t have the easiest transition upon returning home. Married with two children, the family found themselves homeless and living in their truck.

  • Lynda is on the right track

    You gave Lynda what she needed for a bright future.

    Running a marathon is tough. Unfortunately, Lynda is a single mom that feels her life has been a very long and painful marathon. Somewhere, deep down Lynda knew she wanted to get sober. She wanted to be a better mother to her girls than her own mother was to her.

  • A Big Thank You from an Army Vet and His Son

    You gave Jesus a fresh start

    "My son and I are more than grateful for the Blessings. My son is at a loss for words, he is happy, he feels like this is a fresh start for us. I find this opportunity a great blessing."