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  • The Village on Sage Street Bridges the Gap for Reno’s Low Income Neighbors

    For many individuals, veterans and seniors living on fixed incomes, finding stable housing is tremendously challenging. Having affordable housing means there is some money left over for other necessitates like food, transportation and health care.

  • Your compassion helped Greg quarantine safely in his own apartment

    Greg’s life began with many disadvantages. As the child of an alcoholic and abusive father, Greg witnessed things no child should ever see. Not only was his home life unstable, but Greg also experienced unspeakable harm at the hands of his uncle.

  • 5 lives changed because of you

    Five men from different walks of life with one thing in common – their paths all crossed at Capitol Park Shelter in downtown Sacramento.

  • I Want To Be the Best Mother for My Baby

    Deep in addiction, Marlaina found herself at rock bottom. Like many of those we serve, she was homeless, wandering each day and night with everything she owned in her car, addicted to meth and heroin, and just 3 days away from giving birth.

  • My future is much brighter because of you!

    Growing up, Hannia survived a chaotic home life. When Hannia was just 4 years old, her alcoholic father and her teenage mother were unable to care for her so they sent her to live with her aunt and uncle.

  • Your compassion helped Ed move past addiction and create a new life for himself

    Unemployed, drinking heavily, addicted to drugs, and surviving on social services, Ed had been homeless on and off for over 10 years– sometimes sleeping in his car, in a tent near the freeway, or on the streets.

  • Former Foster Youth Gains Confidence

    "I felt like a whole person again," says J.T., when he moved into Volunteers of America's (VOA) transitional housing program as a newly emancipated foster youth. J.T. entered the program after living in the park and couch-surfing for two months. "Some people had parents or people to stay with, but I didn't have anybody."

  • Thank You for Investing In Me

    Beyond shelter, Volunteers of America (VOA) works with clients like Beverly to help identify and address trauma or experiences that may negatively affect their ability to get off the streets and back on their feet.

  • I am Now the Best Grandmother I Can Be

    You Restored my hope and helped me build a brighter future

    Nan had spent years trying to recover from a life of abuse, turning to drugs to mask her pain and forget her past. Eventually, Nan’s drug use spiraled out of control and led her into homelessness.

  • You Gave Lenora and Omar Hope

    "I was a young girl with no purpose, no direction."

    Lenora had been homeless and alone for most of her life. As a child, Lenora and her siblings lived with their mother until financial hardship caused them to lose their home.