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The Story of JAMES - Transitional Housing for Foster Youth

James was in 15 foster homes between the ages of 10 and 18. Now he's found love and stability.

One of those individuals is James. At age 22, James was living with his girlfriend in what he termed “a crack house.” Prior to this, James was in 15 foster homes between the ages of 10 and 18. When he found out that his girlfriend was pregnant, he knew they needed to move to a healthier environment. He found out about Volunteers of America’s Transitional Housing for Former Foster Youth and his life was changed forever.

With the assistance of Volunteers of America, James and his family are living safely in a two bedroom apartment; plus, James is an honor student and an employee of Consumnes River College. James firmly believes that with the support he has been given, he can now focus on providing his children with a gift he never received- love and stability.

**To protect the privacy of the people we serve, some photos used in our stories are representative, rather than actual depictions, of the individual(s) described.

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