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  • The Katrina, Jacquie, & Paul Story

    Shelter from the Storm 2016 presentations - moving stories of clients as they are now on the path to a better future thanks to our programs. And also testimony from Paul, VOA-NCNN board chair.

  • CHILDREN - Shelter from the Storm 2016

    Short stories of families that Volunteers of America help in the past year.

  • Getting to Your Place

    Finding hope through Volunteers of America, Helping Veterans like Steven "Iraq Veteran"

  • Asking For Help

    Asking for help is a step closer to healing.

  • Shelter from the Storm 2015, Sacramento

    Learn how employment has changed the lives of Jessica, Amy, and the students at Volunteers of America's Mather Community Campus.

  • Volunteers of America STEP Program

    With Volunteers of America’s STEP program, employers can now hire with the assurance that our pre-screened candidates have undergone specialized training to help ensure higher employee retention and reduced turnover.

  • 2015 Dream Maker's Breakfast: A Youth Voice Speech

    Bay Area fundraising breakfast event featuring a testimonial from Rhyan.

  • Moments that Change Lives 2012

    Moments That Change Lives 2012

  • Leo McFarland's Visionary Leader Speech

    Leo McFarland Shelter from the Storm Vision

  • City of Reno, Family Shelter Changes Life

    Ryan, a former Navy veteran, never thought she would end up homeless. Through circumstances she ended up living with her parents who are i.v. drug users. She became an addict as well, but quit when she learned she was pregnant. She has garnered temporary housing at the City-owned Family Shelter on the grounds of the Community Assistance Center campus. Ryan will soon move to more permanent housing and go back to school for more job skills.