Volunteers of America Youth Services

Housing, employment services, and life skills development for transitional-aged emancipated foster youth

Volunteers of America’s Youth Services Program for former foster youth provides a safe, semi-structured community that guides former foster youth toward independent, self-sufficient adulthood. We maintain a strong emphasis on ending homelessness, supporting those most in need, and transforming our community into a stronger and healthier place.

"I am beginning to find my voice again."

Volunteers of America’s Youth Services Program for former foster youth provides housing, employment services, and life skills development for transitional-aged emancipated foster youth. The goal is to assist individuals and/or families to secure stable housing and maintain secure employment while also addressing any barriers in their life. The 2-3 year program offers 58 fully furnished on-site units as well as scattered-site housing options which all provide assistance with a secure, healthy transition into independent living and ongoing support and guidance from professional staff.

PACT TRACK: The PACT TRACK prepares the men and women of the Youth Services Program for successful transition and achievement into every field of human endeavor. This voluntary program is meant to provide positive assistance to all participating residents. Each resident is requested to sign a “Letter of Intent,” and by doing so the resident agrees to partake in at least one of the following four vocational tracks: Education Track, Employment Track, Hybrid Track, Life Skills Track

  • Guidelines

    • Residents pay program fees of 30% of all verifiable income
    • Residents must complete 2-week welcoming phase
    • Residents agree to visiting hours for guests of residents
    • Residents agree to a zero-tolerance policy for violence or threats of violence
    • Residents must be actively working towards a goal/plan (Track Pact system)
    • Residents must attend weekly meetings with case managers
    • Residents agree to no overnight guests
    • Residents agree to weekly apartment checks

  • Eligibility

    • Must be California resident
    • Must be between 18-24 years of age
    • Must have been in foster care by the age of 16th birthday and emancipated out of foster care after 18th birthday or later
    • Must attend orientation Tuesdays at 10:00am at 10566 Peter McCuen Blvd., Mather, CA
    • Criminal background check required
    • No sexual offense(s) in history
    • Cannot be identified as a gang member/no gang affiliation
    • No violent history
    • Applicants are required to spend a one-night shelter stay the day before moving into Adolfo