Notolli Place Shelter

Rosemont, Sacramento County – A new 15-bed facility for adults aged 60+ will be opening soon in Sacramento County. Nottoli Place, named after retired Sacramento County District 5 Supervisor Don Nottoli, will house older adults who are eligible for Sacramento County’s Adult Protective Services (APS) and experiencing homelessness or housing instability.

“It’s a high compliment and a true honor to have a safe harbor such as this bear my name,” said Nottoli at the soft opening for the facility. 

The shelter has 15 rooms. Some rooms will allow double occupancy for spouses or caretakers.

Several community members showed up for the soft opening of Nottoli Place on Thursday, February 23. During the ceremony, Sacramento County District 5 Supervisor Pat Hume highlighted how important it is for the county to have facilities like Nottoli Place. 

“The reality is there are people who live good lives who have had bad things happen to them and it is important that society steps up to protect them. Through no fault of their own, whether they are victims of abuse or neglect or being taken advantage of, this is a place for them to come and feel restored, to alter their faith and their hope. And they can have a safe, healthy environment to get back on their feet,” said Sacramento County District 5 Supervisor Pat Hume.

Sacramento County, like many other counties in California, has seen an increase in older adults facing housing insecurity and homelessness for the first time due to a destabilizing event or because they are the victims of abuse or neglect. Nottoli Place is meant to provide a safe space for older adults until they are able to find more permanent housing.

“By adding this place that will be a place of comfort and warmth and welcoming we’ll be able to address some of that need in our community and for that, I am very thankful,” added Nottoli. 

To be eligible for Nottoli Place, adults must be involved with Adult Protective Services and be able to live independently or have a care provider to assist them. Applicants must live in Sacramento County.

On-site services will be provided by Volunteers of America, including 24-hour staffing and availability 24 hours per day/seven days a week, daily meals, and laundry services.

Additionally, case management services will be provided with linkages to resources, including longer-term housing. There are rules people must abide by when staying at Nottoli Place. No alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed. Weapons are also forbidden. There is also a pet policy. One animal is allowed per guest. The pet must be vaccinated, and vaccination records are needed upon registration.

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