Volunteers_of_America_Elder_Homestead_Staff_memember_dancing_with_a_senior_citizen_resident.jpgWHAT?! VOLUNTEERS OF AMERICA IS A CHURCH?!

Hey! Before you get scared off, give us a chance to tell you about us.

Our work is all about helping others. Plain and simple.

Yes, we are a church, but a church can mean many things.

We are a church without walls dedicated to serving ALL people.

Walls would constrain us.

Why? Because we are big on outreach, and big on being in the field where people in need are struggling. And we do this through our ministry of service that is made up of over 16,000 professionals, working across the country, and touching the lives of almost 1.5 million people annually. We take our calling seriously because the problems people face today are serious: homelessness, poverty, unemployment, lack of education, just to name a few.

So what is this ministry of service?

As members of the Volunteers of America organization, we care for people who feel abandoned, who have given up all hope. We care for the homeless and the developmentally disabled. We care for our veterans, frail older adults and seniors, formerly incarcerated individuals, people struggling with addictions, children, youth and families and so many more.

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