Reno Works

Reno Works is a 12-week workforce development partnership program between the City of Reno and Volunteers of America Northern California and Northern Nevada, which was created in 2015 to offer homeless individuals a way to recover by addressing employment, as well as social and emotional issues. The Reno Works team provides employment counseling, referrals, on the job training, financial literacy classes, and a “Getting Ahead” workshop.  All participants are given access to a wide-range of community resources.

Reno Works was designed to not only provide job training and income, but to holistically address and treat other factors that contribute to homelessness.  Through the intensive life skills classes, the participants receive the tools necessary to gain sustained employment, housing, and self-sufficiency.

Upon graduation, participants receive temporary rental assistance from the City of Reno, combined with wrap-around services including case management.

Referral Process

The participants of Reno Works are referred through their Case Manager.  They must be living in one of the shelters and not currently employed.  Once referred, they go through an intensive interview process.  First with the City of Reno and then with VOA.  A final selection is made from recommendations from both the City and VOA management.

Support the program

We are able to provide this life-changing program through the support of generous donations from the community. This is a privately funded program.

Learn how you can become part of this life changing program by becoming a sponsor today. Together we can help move individuals from crisis to stability.