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Greater Sacramento Area Senior Safe House

If you are a senior who is not safe, or know a senior suffering from abuse or neglect, please call Adult Protective Services at 916-874-9377.

A Refuge for Abused & Neglected Seniors

After a decade-long gestation, the Sacramento Senior Safe House – a safe and comfortable refuge for abused and neglected seniors – opened in 2009.

The men and women who are coming to the Sacramento Senior Safe House are referred to the home by Sacramento County Adult Protective Services, among many other community partners. Before the safe house's opening, APS staff were forced to place clients in less-than-ideal temporary quarters, including motels and hospitals.

Such are the real-life horror stories that prompted Maxine Milner Krugman's 10-year crusade to help Volunteers of America establish the Sacramento Senior Safe House. The six-bedroom haven for abused and neglected seniors became reality thanks to Krugman and project partners Mercy Housing California, HomeAid Sacramento and Lennar.

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Construction of the six-bedroom, 4,783-square-foot Sacramento Senior Safe House began in January 2009, and was completed six months later.

"Of course, the safety of an abused or neglected senior is most important, but let there be no doubt that spending a little time in the Sacramento Senior Safe House should be a boost to self esteem, and remind these folks that they are worthy and deserving of respect," said Krugman, a former chair of Sacramento County's Adult and Aging Commission, and long-time senior advocate.

Providing the kind of healing atmosphere Krugman envisioned is Sacramento Senior Safe House Program Director Juanita Daniel, who calls her position of aiding abused, neglected and exploited seniors "a privilege."

Abused and neglected seniors 62 and older receive 30 days of shelter at the Sacramento Senior Safe House, which is distinguished from other emergency shelter options by its home-like environment.


The Senior Safe House is only made possible through the compassion and support of organizations like the Archstone Foundation.